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What is The Cure for Longing?

The Cure for Longing is a virtual message-in-a-bottle, sent weekly from me to you.

The free weekly newsletter will contain essays, short fiction, photography, erasure poetry, research, and audio explorations connected to my writing and creative process. If you’re familiar with my social media feeds, I’m moving much of that content here so I can stretch and expand on projects like #TidewrackDivinations and other creative experiments like “Destiny Typewriter,” an advice column written by one of my protagonists. At the heart of it all is my love of story and my belief that sharing our stories with each other is what keeps us whole.

A community of story.

The newsletter also allows for comments so we can continue conversations that might arise from the newsletter’s contents. One thing this strange, challenging time has taught me is how much mindful connection matters. It’s my hope that my weekly offerings will feel like found magic, leaving you with a bit of wonder to help you on your way.

The Cure for Longing is also the working title of my next novel, so eventually there will be a paid subscription option that will provide an opportunity for you to experience first looks at the new work, exclusive Q&As, and online readings and workshops, if that’s your jam.

Let’s connect!

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Stories have power to make sense of the world,

to give voice to dreams,

to nurture hope and banish fear.

- Ami McKay, Before My Time

About Ami:

Ami McKay is the author of three bestselling novels - The Birth House; The Virgin Cure; and The Witches of New York; as well as the yuletide novella, Half Spent Was The Night. She began her career as a freelance radio journalist, writing and producing several radio documentaries for CBC Radio and NPR. Her memoir, Before My Time, won both the Robbie Robertson Book Award and the Evelyn Richardson non-fiction award. To find out more about her work, you can go here: Ami McKay

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Ami McKay
Novelist, memoirist, playwright, ink witch. Keeper of stories, spells, bees and dreams.