Jan 23, 2022 • 1M

Tidewrack Divination 15

The Changing Tide

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Ami McKay
A message in a bottle. An archive of mirabilia. Curious, glimmering magic for difficult times.
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Tidewrack Divination 15

January 23, 2022

Hello You,

Welcome to the second instalment of The Cure for Longing. This week’s post is a brief audio exploration inspired by my latest Tidewrack Divination, a project I began on Instagram in the early days of the pandemic when I needed something to ward off writer’s block and settle my anxiety. I made a promise to myself that I’d get back to my passion for audio storytelling in 2022, so I went down to the Bay on a chilly, take-your-breath-away afternoon and gathered the sounds of the tide - the voice of the moon, along with a few treasures.

Tidewrack Divination 15

The Changing Tide

She went to the shore at high tide to witness the moment of change - between push and pull, coming and going. The ballast of a heavy heart steadied her steps against the winter ice underfoot and in her bones.

“Oh constant friend,” she said to the Sea, “we have lost so much.”

“Yes,” the Sea replied. “This is true, but every loss holds tenderness, an invitation for new growth. The tide will change. Your heart will mend. Your wounds will heal. And after the winter, spring will come.”

All objects were found on the shores of the Bay of Fundy: seaweed, mussel shell, deer’s teeth, quartz, crab’s claw, agate, gull bones, sea glass, rusted metal strap, fragment of a porcelain cup.

gifts from the Sea

Next time

In its first week The Cure for Longing had nearly 1000 subscribers! I’m truly grateful for the kind words and comments you’ve shared so far and for the wonderful sense of community that’s growing up around the newsletter. Next week’s post will feature a taste of Destiny Typewriter, an unconventional advice column written by the protagonist from my current novel-in-progress.

spring will come

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to listen to and read my words. My walks along the shore have gone a long way to keeping my heart whole, so it felt only right to share the Sea’s voice alongside my own. What sounds soothe your soul? Feel free to leave a comment and keep the conversation going. And if you think of someone who might connect with The Cure for Longing, please do share it. Until next time, may you find magic along your way.

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