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Destiny Typewriter 2

to banish fear

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Ami McKay
A message in a bottle. An archive of mirabilia. Curious, glimmering magic for difficult times.
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February 6, 2022

Hello You,

The response to last week’s Destiny Typewriter debut was so incredibly supportive and enthusiastic that I decided to write another episode for today. A million thanks to those who contributed questions, either in the comments or via the Destiny Typewriter voicemail. It was an absolutely magical experience weaving your words and voices into today’s audio experiment. I’m going to do my best to keep Dear Destiny going and make it a regular part of The Cure for Longing.

Destiny’s theme song

Destiny Typewriter 2

To banish fear

Q: Dear Destiny,

In these uncertain times, how do I live with less fear in my heart?


A: Dear Fearful Heart,

The simple answer would be to tell you to pursue happiness and nurture joy so fear has no room in your heart to thrive. Trouble is, it’s not that easy, mostly because humans are woefully deficient at predicting what will make them happy.

If you think about the truest joy you’ve ever experienced, my guess is that it came along by accident. Rather than thinking about fear or even happiness, concentrate on something that will help you grow in new and unexpected ways. Befriend a raven, sing to the moon, write a love poem to the bookstore on the corner. At the very least you’ll have stretched and opened yourself up and leaned towards the sun.

Seeds rest in darkness before they crack open and grow into something glorious and new. My guess is that you’re about to do the same.

Yours, Destiny

Queen Anne’s Lace in winter

Next time

Next week’s newsletter will include some or all of the following: erasure poetry, peach stone black ink, crock pot recipes, and perhaps another conversation with Destiny.

Keep going.

Thank You.

This newsletter reached a wonderful milestone this past week: The Cure for Longing now has over 1000 subscribers! My deepest gratitude to everyone who has come along on the journey so far. The caller in this week’s episode of Destiny Typewriter is right, these are indeed uncertain times. I hope that this newsletter helps you carry on and feel a little less alone. A bouquet of unexpected tulips recently gave my weary heart a boost. What small, unexpected joys have brought you happiness? Keep the conversation going, and as always, if you have a question for Destiny, you can leave it in the comments or give her voicemail a shout at the link below. Until next time, may you find magic along your way.

Destiny Typewriter Voice Mail

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